For the third year in a row, we teamed up with Brett Strom of Strom Motorsports to take on the challenging 25 Hours of Thunderhill. The first weekend of each December, competitors and spectators alike gather at Willows, California for the longest race in the United States; 25 hours around Thunderhill’s challenging corners.

For 2016, Strom Motorsports built a F82 M4 to compete for the overall win in the illustrious endurance race. Our of the box, the M4 is already a solid performer, but the guys at Strom decided to take it a step further, shaving much of its weight in the process of turning it into an endurance machine. Strom has had championship experience with us before, taking home the class win with Bullet Performance’s E90 during 2014’s 25 hour race, so when it came to brakes, Strom chose Sparta Evolution. We fitted the M4 with our Triton caliper kit, featuring forged 6 piston calipers in the front and forged 4 piston calipers in the rear with 380mm S-groove Pegasus rotors fitted on both axels. We also fitted Strom’s M4 with our prototype brake pads, featuring a compound formulated for endurance racing. The car has no problem getting dialed in prior to the race and was getting good feedback from the drivers and the engineers.  Once qualifying was said and done, the car had placed 3rd in its class.

As the race began, the M4 made its way around Thunderhill in a quick and consistent pace, moving up in position as it ran around the circuit. After losing a heat-exchanger to a rock, the car was quickly repaired and sent back onto the track where it began to regain its position. For most of the race, the M4 was a solid performer and made easy work of Thunderhills twisting corners with minimalized and controlled wear on both brakes and tires. Unfortunately, the M4 made contact with another car around midnight, snapping a tie rod in the process and forcing the car off the track and into a dirt embankment. Luckily, our driver was okay, but our hopes for having the M4 winning the championship this year was dashed.

While the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in 2016 didn’t end as we all had hoped, the M4 was a solid performer, racking up lap after lap with both speed and consistency. Our brakes also performed well in the race; in fact, our prototype pads were holding up perfectly since the start of the race until our end of the race after midnight. At Sparta Evolution, we believe that our on track experiences and feedback from our teams and drivers goes towards great strides in refining our products, with our experiences at Thunderhill making a core and invaluable contribution to that philosophy.

We’d like to give a huge thanks for all the effort Strom Motorsports has made for us in 2016! We’re already looking forward to the 25 hour race in 2017 and we know Strom is too; we’re certainly both looking forward to another win at Thunderhill!