The perfect compliment to any road car

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Kent, WA, Sparta Evolution is a world class designer and manufacturer of high performance brake systems, specifically engineered for motorsports and high performance street applications globally. Our proprietary forging process enhances the quality, performance and aesthetics of our brake products. Reducing unsprung weight, improving rigidity and dissipating heat quickly and efficiently is what separates Sparta brakes from the rest, and is essential to assure that racers and street enthusiasts outperform their competitors.


Housed in a state of the art facility, our headquarters features engineering and manufacturing capabilities that utilize the latest in CAD software and CNC machines to produce the finest quality components, from initial design to final production. Defining a purpose for the development of new products is crucial. Whether it is a new component or a complete braking system, we understand that each part must be optimized for the vehicle that it is going on. We take into account not only the braking performance of a vehicle but the overall performance as well.


The use of CAD software to run analyses like FEA, CFD and thermal analysis ensures that our braking components are as strong, lightweight and efficient as possible before going into prototyping and production. To achieve this in our manufacturing, the materials we use are equally as important. Sparta Evolution only utilizes the best in materials, from forgings to billets of aluminum to produce various components from our CNC machines. Following stringent quality control protocols, each component is visually inspected before undergoing precise measurements, down to two microns. This guarantees that all of our products are within tolerance. This level of detail translates to not only better products but higher reliability and durability. The key to our success is that we’re able to oversee the entire process in-house, in the United States.


Race proven, Sparta Evolution products have been put to the test as we’ve performed over hundreds of hours and thousands of miles of on-track testing. Working with teams from various motorsports levels, from production car racing (NASA, SCCA) to Sports Car racing (IMSA), we understand the needs at all levels of motorsports. As a performance partner of Mando Corporation, we’re able to take our testing even further. With access to Mando’s resources and testing centers, we’re able to push our products beyond aftermarket standards and ensure that our products meet the standards of OEM. This translates to unmatched reliability and performance. This partnership benefits our customers and partners as we understand that they want and expect nothing but the best. 


Accumulating over 100 years of braking experience, our team knows what it takes to bring the best to our customers and partners, not only from the product but the support that goes along with it. We are unlike any other braking company. We are Sparta Evolution.