Sparta Evolution, located in Seattle, WA, is a research, development, and manufacturing firm dedicated to producing the highest quality brake systems for motor sports and every day use. With the brightest and most passionate enthusiasts, drivers, and engineers in the industry, we are continually evolving to ensure our brakes look, feel, and perform at the absolute peak of your cars braking potential. Our extensive prototyping, engineering, and testing extends throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our quality driven components are as affordable as they are effective. Each product is delivered to our valuable network of worldwide customers with maximum levels of quality inspection, final documentation, and packaging. Sparta Evolution is in the constant pursuit of higher performance. The experience and knowledge we have earned through years in the racing industry allow us to apply an ever evolving level of development and growth to our entire range of products. Strength is reborn and refined by Sparta Evolution.


Sparta Evolution offers 3 ranges of calipers, our entry level Saturn calipers, the high-performance Triton line, and our endurance/race oriented Triton R line. Each range features 4 and 6 piston calipers that mix and match staggered piston sizes ranging from Ø24mm to Ø44mm, specifically designed to retain front rear brake bias while providing a stiffer, more responsive brake pedal. All 3 of our caliper ranges are machined from forged aluminum, and are expertly engineered for greater ventilation, lower weight, and maximum thermo-mechanical stiffness. In addition to producing the best calipers, we use standard FMSI pad shapes supplied by pad manufacturers around the world, so you can always source your favorite pad compound for use with your Sparta Evolution big brake kit.


Sparta Evolution’s Pegasus and Pegasus R rotors are engineered to survive in extreme race conditions. From the center hat to the rotor ring, every piece of hardware undergoes quality inspection procedures normally reserved for aerospace grade equipment. Laboratory and on track testing has proven our rotor alloys to be longer lasting, and provide more stable friction profiles than leading competitors.


Brake lines ensure that every corner of your vehicles braking system are tied together into a single cohesive system. In the most extreme conditions, brake lines can see internal pressures as high as 2000 psi. Subject to such a harsh environment, the quality of your brake lines is critically important, as even the slightest bubbling or failure of the lines will result in the immediate loss of braking power. Sparta Evolution brake lines are DOT / TUV certified for road use, and each line is individually tested before leaving our facility to ensure it cannot fail in even the harshest of environments.