We’re no strangers when it comes to Bimmerfest West. This was our third year in attendance and our third year as the official brake sponsor. Hosted at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, Bimmerfest West this year had a different element to it. Besides the rows of vendors and the Battle of the Bimmers show sponsored by Toyo Tires, we were surrounded by the roar of engines as cars ripped around the track. We were definitely in our element as we base our products around those who track their cars. It also helped that the weather reminded us of a lot like home, overcast with light drizzles from time to time.
Since Bimmerfest West last year, we’ve gotten a lot of fans of our Triton Braking system. We’ve worked hard to show that we’re not only striving to provide the best braking system, we’re constantly improving upon it. With those thoughts in mind, Bimmerfest West 2015 was important to us. Not only do we cater to our existing customers, we look to cater to the needs of potential customers. To do that, we’ve been doing a lot of listening. Our focus this year was on not just the track oriented user, but more on the everyday driver. We wanted to offer something to those who felt that their OEM systems lacked the needed stopping power for their everyday commute. To do this, we took the track proven design of our Triton Braking system and completely built a new system. We dubbed it the Saturn Braking system. The first of its kind, the street performance driven Saturn caliper is fully forged and combines unmatched performance and design at an affordable price point. We were excited to show off this new system and attendees of Bimmerfest West expressed the same excitement.
Bimmerfest_2015-48 Bimmerfest_2015-51
During the course of the day, we were approached by many who weren’t really into tracking their cars and they were ecstatic that we were offering a kit catered to the everyday street user. One of the most notable comments that we received was about the quality of our products and the price point that they were at. We’re automotive enthusiasts and we know the struggle of finding a product that has the quality and the performance aspect to it. Usually, it’s a trade off. We strive to be the best and we’re out to prove that.
Bimmerfest_2015-38 Bimmerfest_2015-43 Bimmerfest_2015-44
We are fortunate enough to have partners that believe in our goal and support us. Not only did we have our 25 Hour Car on display in front of the tent, we had a few cars that were equipped with our Triton Braking System. Michael Lewis had his wide body BMW 335i E90 on display at our partner’s tent, HG Motorsports while our partners at Motorsport Hardware had their BMW E36 M3 on display as well.
Bimmerfest_2015-20 Bimmerfest_2015-6  Bimmerfest_2015-4Bimmerfest_2015-5
Continuing our partnership from the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, our friends at APEX Race Parts were kind enough to put some of our Triton kits on display at their booth underneath some of their APEX wheels.
We also got to snap some photos of one of our sponsored drivers as he was preparing to head out onto the track. It’s a great feeling when we see our kits get put to the test because that’s what we’re hoping customers would do. We know our kits are able to perform and seeing our customers believe in that is one of the most rewarding feelings.
Bimmerfest_2015-30 Bimmerfest_2015-32 Bimmerfest_2015-63
All in all, our experience at Bimmerfest West this year was nothing short of awesome. We’d like to thank all of our friends and partners who continue to support us and believe in what we do. For more information about our Saturn Braking system, shoot us a an email at sales@spartaevo.com. And for all photos from Bimmerfest West, check them out on our Facebook!