Our partners at Life’s Good Racing! had huge success at their last race of the 2014 United States Touring Car Championship at Thunderhill Raceway Park in northern California on November 16th, 2014. We partnered up with the Life’s Good Racing! team at the start of the season and provided them with our Triton 4 piston kit with 355mm fronts and 345mm rear rotors for their BMW E46 M3 race car. Throughout the whole season, our brakes did not falter once and coming into the final race, we were confident that with the help of our brakes, they would finish the season strong. Leading up to the race, drivers Beau Borders and Karl Chicca were in the running for 1st place in overall season points. Between them and the leading team, only 35 points were separating them. This last race was crucial for them as there was a chance for them to take the whole season.




The race itself was a hard fought battle as Beau did all he can to stay in the lead of the race. It was amazing to see how aggressive he was driving and taking the corners. According to Beau and Karl, they noticed that their driving styles changed because of the brakes. They were more aggressive and much more confident because they “were braking with the “big boys.” At the end of the race, Beau took 1st place in the BMW E46 and their other team driver, The Mario took 3rd in their Mitsubishi Lancer. Though the Life’s Good Racing! team didn’t take 1st overall in season points, they still took 2nd place. This was Life’s Good Racing!’s first 1st place finish this season and it was the strong finish that we envisioned for the team. The Life’s Good Racing! team were truly happy with our brakes. They felt that our brakes provided far superior braking performance over their OEM brakes that they had on the car before, but more importantly, they felt that our braking performance was on par or even better than the best of all the cars in multi-class racing. Throughout the whole season, they did not experience any brake fade, nor did they have any problems with our Triton system. We worked very closely with the team this season and we can’t wait to help them with their successes as we go into the 2015 United States Touring Car Championship season!