At Sparta Evolution, we understand that enhancing the performance of your vehicle doesn’t have to come at an unnecessary price.  We all had our start looking to squeeze a bit of performance out of our rides that the factory equipment couldn’t offer, yet the flagship packages we wanted always seemed out of reach. That’s where our new lineup of GP-1 rotors come in; adding some of the characteristics you’d expect from a high performance braking setup to your factory brakes without breaking the bank.

We’re proud to kick off 2017 with the launch of our GP-1 rotors, which are single piece OEM replacement rotors designed to offer improved performance over the factory discs. GP-1 rotors are made with G3000 cast iron for superior wear resistance and heat cycling capabilities; a GP-1 rotor is much more effective at evenly distributing and dissipating heat than the factory hardware. We also utilize an E-coating on the rotor, offering unmatched protection against corrosion and salt compared to traditional zinc plating.

Each GP-1 rotor is cut with our signature S-groove slots for an increase in initial bite and an improvement in pad release, characteristics that you won’t find on blank rotors.

We’re initially launching our GP-1’s for several models of BMW’s including the 3-series from the E36 to the E9X’s, the E82/E88 128i, the E85 Z4, and the E53 X5. We also plan on expanding the number of applications available for the GP-1 in the near future, so stay tuned!

We know our GP-1’s are one of the best performing OEM replacement rotors on the market and are the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance the looks and performance of their BMWs on the street.