Every journey to the podium starts with the right foundation. At Sparta Evolution, our quest to be the best sits on a solid foundation of excellence though engineering, materials, and workmanship.  We start with sourcing the best materials, cold forged 2014-T6 Aluminum-copper alloy for our calipers and high-molybdenum, high-carbon cast iron alloy for our rotors. Our expert team of engineers utilize CAD and years of performance racing data to create the ultimate braking system, where our in-house five-axis CNC mills the components with absolute precision. Each caliper and rotor is carefully hand assembled, then pressure tested and quality checked at our facility just outside of Seattle, Washington. Our kits are lightweight yet durable and designed to combat brake fade under all conditions. We feature standard components such as vented pistons and our polymer dual-seal system that our competitors don’t even offer.

At Sparta Evolution, we ensure quality control at every step of the way, from the metallurgy all the way to the final packaging. Our in-house approach allows us to create the most involved and precision made braking systems available.

Let our brakes give you the competitive foundation you need on your journey to the podium.