2018 Sparta Evolution Application List
Sparta Evolution 2018 Brochure
Every step in our design, engineering, and manufacturing process is founded in the pursuit of excellence. Where other manufacturers use cast materials, Sparta Evolution offers forged aluminum products exclusively, because we understand that the fastest cars, the fastest drivers, and the fastest teams do not settle for compromises, and Sparta Evolution accepts nothing but the best.


Sparta Evolution forged calipers are expertly engineered for greater ventilation, lower weight, and maximum thermo-mechanical stiffness. Each application is designed around a stiffer more responsive pedal with staggered piston sizes to prevent pad taper and provide ideal brake torque in all conditions.
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Sparta Evolution’s Pegasus 2-piece rotors are built to endure the most extreme endurance race conditions. Precision and runout are measured to the 1/1000th of an inch to ensure optimal performance.
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brake pads

Sparta Performance Pads and Sparta Race Pads are specifically formulated for increased temperature ranges and higher friction levels. Perfect for your daily commute, a spirited weekend drive, or for trail-braking into turn 1 at your local road course.
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For street use, Sparta Evolution braking systems are designed to last a lifetime. If you take your car to the track, the prolonged exposure to high heat will eventually degrade the seals in your kit. Sparta has you covered with modular rebuild kits to get you back out on the track! For rebuild services, please contact us directly.
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Brake fluid is the most critical, and often the most overlooked component in a braking system. When you press your brake pedal, it is the fluids responsibility to transfer that force to each individual brake caliper, allowing your brake pads and rotors to stop your vehicle. It is critically important for your brake fluid to deliver consistent performance in these extreme temperatures and daily usage.
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