Brake fluid is the most critical, and often the most overlooked component in a braking system. When you press your brake pedal, it is the fluids responsibility to transfer that force to each individual brake caliper, allowing your brake pads and rotors to stop your vehicle. Though brake fluid is protected in the sealed hydraulic brake system, it is still exposed to extreme heat generated by the friction and vehicle weight. It is critically important for your brake fluid to deliver consistent performance in these extreme temperatures and daily usage.

Sparta Evolution offers two tiers of DOT 4 certified fluid, viable for use in hydraulic brake and clutch systems. The major differences between our P518 performance fluid and R622 racing fluid is the boiling point. Race vehicles see much higher braking temperatures from constant heavy usage, necessitating the use of our higher temperature R622 fluid. Our lower boiling point Sparta Evolution P518 fluid is designed to last longer between fluid changes, while providing consistent pedal feel and maintaining extreme thermal protection. The formula we have utilized enables a performance oriented brake feel even under extreme conditions, and is ideal for both street and track use.


Sparta Evolution R622 Racing Brake Fluid is a high performance fluid suited for high temperature applications. Featuring a dry boiling point of 622°F, R622 racing fluid is the easy choice for high load track cars that will see the extreme heat generated by hard and constant braking.

R622 brake fluid has been specially formulated to provide the highest performance under racing conditions, where brake systems must remain stable at extreme temperatures. For best results, bleed your entire brake system with fresh fluid before each race, especially if the the brakes see excessively high heat, or if used in a humid environment. To preserve its extreme performance, do not mix Sparta Evolution R622 brake fluid with any other brake fluids.

•  Minimum Dry Boiling Point: 320°C (608°F).
•  Typical Dry Boiling Point: 328°C (622°F).
•  Minimum Wet Boiling Point: 195°C (383 °F).
•  Typical Wet Boiling Point: 204°C (399°F).


Sparta Evolution P518 Performance Brake Fluid is our entry fluid, featuring a dry boiling point of 518°F. The P518 is perfectly suited for all types of driving, from your daily commute to a casual day on the track.

Sparta Evolution’s P518 Performance brake fluid is a premium specification brake and clutch fluid recommended for use in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of all cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles for which a non-petroleum based fluid of this type is specified.

•  Minimum Dry Boiling Point: 260°C (500°F).
•  Typical Dry Boiling Point: 270°C (518°F).
•  Minimum Wet Boiling Point: 160°C (320 °F).
•  Typical Wet Boiling Point: 163°C (325°F).


Fluid Typical Dry Boiling Point °F (°C) Typical Wet Boiling Point °F (°C) Chemical Type Availability Application
Sparta Evolution R622 DOT 4 622°F (328°C) 204°F (399°C)  Glycol x1 16.9 fl-oz (500mL) bottle
x24 box of 16.9 fl-oz (500mL) bottles
Racing vehicle subjected to extreme temperatures, requiring
low compressibility and inclined to more frequent service.
Sparta Evolution  P518 DOT 4 518°F (270°C) 325°F (163°C) Glycol x1 16.9 fl-oz (500mL) bottle
x24 box of 16.9 fl-oz (500mL) bottles
Street driving, casual track days or autocrossing, and
passenger vehicles subject to regular annual service intervals.
Generic DOT 3 401°F (205°C) 284°F (140°C) Glycol OE equipment for most
makes and models
Cheap, low maintenance fluid meant to be servicable under
mild conditions for just long enough to last until the first dealer scheduled maintenance.