Sparta Evolution pads are formulated for increased friction levels and higher temperature ranges. The increased initial bite provides better pedal feel and greater pedal control.

•  Sparta Evolution brake pads offer significant friction level increase and fade resistance compared to OEM pads.
•  Enhanced pedal feel made made possible by a superior compound composition.
•  Braking power that is delivered with a smooth feel, but with exceptional initial bite.
•  Designed for the optimal performance while incorporating a long lasting, low dust brake pad.


     SPP 1.0

Have you ever felt your brake performance beginning to fade at the bottom of a long hill, or winding mountain road? This is because the brakes have exceeded their maximum operating temperature, and can no longer provide reliable performance. Sparta Evolution’s SPP+ pads address this issue.
The Sparta Performance Pad+ (SPP+) is the entry level pad in your pursuit for the ultimate braking solution from Sparta Evolution. The SPP+ compound has been engineered to operate like the pads that came with your vehicle from the factory, but with increased temperature ranges for more effective and consistent braking performance.
SPP+ brake pads are constructed using a ceramic compound guaranteed to deliver quiet and safe operations.
They maintain an OEM like brake feel and initial bite, while offering low dust and a low initial operating temperature so that your brakes will always feel the same whether it be a stormy winter night or blistering summer day.
•   Ceramic Base Compound
•   Optimized for Low Noise and Low Dust
•   Similar to OEM Pad Characteristics
•   Low Initial Operating Temperature
•   Wide Working Temperature Range (up  to 275°C)


Sparta Performance Pad 1.0 (SPP 1.0) is the first performance brake pad in your pursuit for the ultimate braking solution from Sparta Evolution. SPP 1.0 has been designed to provide better initial bite and pedal feel in all environments and working conditions, while still integrating with your original braking system.
Designed for the spirited driver, this pad is meant to handle your day to day commute just like the pads that originally came with your car, but is also up to the task of your spirited weekend drives that  require more performance characteristic from your OEM brake pads can handle. The SPP 1.0 offers a true feel of brake modulation in wet and cold conditions just as it would in dry conditions.
While also increasing the initial bite, SPP 1.0  increases the working temperature range of your brake pads. By compiling data from countless hours of laboratory testing with on track data and feedback from professional motorsports teams, we have been able to perfect our SPP 1.0 compound as a pad you use every day on the streets, while still giving you the performance to throw down the best times at your local AutoX and HPDE.
•  Low Dust
•  Low Disc Wear
•  Enhanced Initial Bite and Friction
•  Excellent Brake Torque in Cold Conditions
•  Allows Modulation in Wet and Cold Conditions
•  Increased Operating Range (up to 340°C)
•  µ=~0.28-0.31

     SPP 1.5

     SPP 2.0

The Sparta Performance Pad 1.5 (SPP 1.5) is the first level of performance pad designed specifically to pair with our big brake kits, and is only offered in our BBK fitment sizes. SPP 1.5 is a performance pad designed with high initial bite in a low temperature range, making it more appropriate for street use.
Being designed for the spirited driver, this pad is more than capable of handling your daily commute as well as a spirited weekend drive that will require more performance characteristic from your OEM pads.
SPP 1.5 offers a true feel of brake modulation in wet and cold conditions, just as it does in dry conditions. We advise that the brake pads to be installed by a professional and be properly bedded in utilizing the Sparta Evolution Brake Pad Bedding Procedure.
•   Optimized for Low Noise
•   Similar to OEM Pad Characteristics
•   Low Intial Operating Temperature
•   Wide Working Temperature Range (up to 400°C)
•   µ=~0.39-0.45
Sparta Performance Pad 2.0 (SPP 2.0) is designed for the individual looking for true high performance pads that emit relatively low noise for street use. Engineered with the driving enthusiast in mind, this pad is more than capable of handling your daily commute, but will truly shine at your weekend autocross or High Performance Drivers Education weekend.
The SPP 2.0 provides true confidence in your vehicle’s braking ability in any environment. While increasing the initial bite to an approximate mu (µ) of 0.38-0.43, SPP 2.0 further widens the operating temperature range over SPP 1.0 by 60°C, up to 400°C, making it the ideal brake pad for the weekend motorsport driver.
•  High Initial Bite
•  Wide Working Temperature Range (up to 400°C)
•  Stable Cold/Street Performance
•  Tailored towards Trackday/Autocross Drivers
•  Stable and Predictable Torque Curve
•  High Levels of Control and Modulation
•  Moderate Dust
•  µ=~0.38-0.43

     SPP 3.0

     SRP 100

Sparta Performance Pad 3.0 (SPP 3.0) is the most aggressive street/track hybrid pad we offer. With the highest initial bite, fade resistance, and operating temperature range, the SPP 3.0 is meant to be used at the track.
SPP 3.0 allows you to drive your street/track car to the track and run on the course without having to change your pad and rotor combination when you get there. Though SPP 3.0 is a hybrid street/track pad, formulating such high initial bite and low fade characteristics does require a trade off, requiring a moderate sacrifice in disc life and noise. This tradeoff, however, also results in low pad compressibility, meaning your braking system will experience optimal pad wear patterns, providing more predictable pedal characteristics, and longer pad life.
SPP 3.0 has been thoroughly vetted through the use of brake dynamometer testing, and proven results from our professional motorsport partners. The SPP 3.0 is the flagship pad in our Sparta Performance Pad series: If you’re looking for the best, look no further.
•  Low Pad Wear
•  High Bite and Feel
•  Extra Wide Operating Range (100°C to 500°C+)
•  µ=~0.37-0.44
Sparta Racing Pad 100 (SRP 100) is designed as an all purpose ‘medium compound’ motorsports pad. SRP 100 provides high initial bite and low temperature torque for a qualifying or time attack session, but a high enough temperature range to stand up to a sprint race or a 30 minute track session.
The low initial operating temperature of this compound was designed specifically for motorsports enthusiasts to be able to drive to the track, and not have to change their pads when they get there. While noise and dust are higher than our SPP line of street pads, this feature in a true racing pad results in high rotor life, and even pad wear. A softer pad also results in a more modular pedal feel, providing greater confidence in your cars braking ability.
•  High Initial Bite
•  Stable cold performance (up to 450°C)
•  Predictable control and modulation
•  High friction profile
•  μ=~0.50-0.55