Over time, the rubber seals in your Sparta Evolution will deteriorate due to the inherent heat cycling of your brake system. To ensure optimal braking performance, Sparta Evolution offers modular rebuild kits for DIY maintenance, as well as in-house rebuild services.




Brake lines ensure that every corner of your vehicles braking system are tied together into a single cohesive system. In the most extreme conditions, brake lines can see internal pressures as high as 2000 psi. Subject to such a harsh environment, the quality of your brake lines is critically important, as even the slightest bubbling or failure of the lines will result in the immediate loss of braking power.

Sparta Evolution brake lines are DOT / TUV certified for road use, and each line is individually tested before leaving our facility to ensure it cannot fail in even the harshest of environments.

• Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line
• Teflon Coated to guard against wear and tear
• OEM designs to utilize OEM fittings on vehicle side
• Lines are designed with OEM grommet locations for clearance purposes
• Banjo fittings for caliper side
• DOT/TUV Approved





Sparta Evolution offers partial and full rebuild kits that may include the following:

• High quality EPDM seals
• Precision engineered seal density for responsive piston action and optimum pad rollback
• Pressure seals engineered for smooth operation, and wiper seals designed for maximum protection from contamination
• Piston and seal sizes from 24mm to 44 mm available.

Pistons available in both plain and castellated face configurations.




As Sparta Evolution currently produces our calipers and pistons in-house, we have the ability to manufacture OE brake caliper replacement pistons to manufacturers specifications. By being able to manufacturer pistons in-house, our application capabilities span over 40 different vehicle manufacturers around the globe. Forged, machined, centerless ground, and coated to your exact specifications in our state of the art facility, Sparta Brake Pistons are manufactured to meet and exceed OE dimensional and surface finish quality specifications. We currently offer BIR, CUP, and MoC type pistons ranging from 24 to 77mm outside diameter, and 28 to 57mm length, with wall thicknesses as low as 6mm.

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Please note as each OE replacement piston is manufactured to your specifications, there are appropriate lead times and MOQ’s in place. All inquiries will be RFQ based.