Sparta Evolution GP Series adds the characteristics you’d expect from a high performance braking setup to your factory brakes without breaking the bank. Not every car is built for regular track duty, and our GP1 and GPX rotors offer two tiers of OE rotor upgrades to enhance your factory brakes pedal response and heat characteristics. Paired with any of our Sparta Evolution Performance Pads, these rotors are guaranteed to renew your confidence in your OE braking system.

• G3000 High Carbon cast iron for improved performance and service life
• High quality direct OE replacement brake rotor
• E-Coated finish for enhanced rust prevention
• Unique “S groove” pattern for improved pedal feel and pad wear characteristic

*We are regularly adding new applications. For specific information, please contact us.
* We highly recommend customers who want consistent thermal capacity, lower pad and disc wear without losing initial responsiveness to match their GP1 rotors with SPP 1.0 or SPP 2.0 brake pads.

GP-1 Rotors

Sparta Evolution GP1 rotors are direct OEM replacement rotors that come standard with the Sparta Evolution signature S-groove pattern. Designed for longevity and smooth actuation the S-groove pattern features signature “S” shaped slots uniformly sized and evenly distributed across the friction surface. GP1 Rotors are manufactured using G3000 cast iron to increase wear resistance and heat cycling capabilities. The GP1 rotors are performance OEM replacements that will outperform any other OEM replacement rotor on the market.

• E-coating that helps in preventing rust and is less susceptible to salt when compared to traditional zinc plated rotors
• Higher Brinell hardness that aids in reducing rotor wear
• A high carbon content that helps distribute and dissipate heat more efficiently and evenly
• GP1 rotors feature signature S-groove to help with brake vibration and noise

GPX Rotors

Sparta Evolution’s GPX rotors are built to allow your original brake systems to perform in the harshest conditions, without having to upgrade brake calipers or purchase a big
brake kit. The use of two-piece floating rotors, much like the rotors on our big brake kits, allow for extreme rotor temperatures without the risk of cracking or warping the disk. These rotors are designed to last as long as OE rotors, while still providing extreme performance at the track, HPDE, or autoX event.

• A 2 piece application for BMW M cars and some other applications
• Designed to help reduce weight while providing better heat capacity and performance over OEM rotors
• Also meant to reduce cost of replacement of brakes. Rotor ring replacement will be cheaper than purchasing new OEM rotors.

Pegasus Rotors


Sparta Evolution’s Pegasus and Pegasus R rotors are engineered to survive in extreme race conditions. From the center hat to the rotor ring, every piece of hardware undergoes quality inspection procedures normally reserved for aerospace grade equipment. Laboratory and on track testing has proven our rotor alloys to be longer lasting, and provide more stable friction profiles than leading competitors.

• All Pegasus Sparta rotors come standard in a free floating two piece design, front and rear.
• All rotor hats are machined from forged billet aluminum to ensure strength and lightness.
• Rotor hats are anodized in a standard black.
• Rotor sizes are available from a 280mm to 410mm (11.5 to 16.75”).
• Rotors are also offered in a carbon ceramic variant, known as the Sparta Carbon Ceramic Rotor (SCCR).
• All Pegasus rotors come standard with signature S-slot pattern.


Engineered with maximum bite and aggressive friction in mind, the R18 slot pattern utilizes revised major slots and staggered upper and lower minor slots to maximize their effect.
Alternating direction minor slots and revised major slots provide 80% more leading friction edges for maximum initial bite, and a pronounced friction curve. Ramped slot end conditions prevent dust from collecting in the slots, preserving their performance potential, and providing a smooth release characteristic. Modulation and pedal response are more dramatic compared to the traditional Sparta Evolution S-slot pattern.

Recommended uses:
• Sprint races and Track days that require maximum bite and smooth release
• High grip and high downforce vehicles that require decisive driver input and feedback
• Time attack


Designed for component longevity and predictable actuation, the S-slot pattern features 10 signature “S” slots uniformly sized and evenly distributed across the friction surface.
The even spacing ensures contact with a leading edge, providing a fresh friction surface for the pads to grab. The uniform design ensures a consistent pedal feel, and predictable bite in all operating conditions. The “S” slot geometry was optimized for even pad wear, and rotor longevity, making the Sparta Evolution Pegasus rotor’s slot pattern the obvious choice for all-around performance.

Recommended uses:
• Spirited street driving especially where inclement weather is likely
• Endurance racing or any time rotor life is a primary concern
• High thermal load vehicles that are prone to uneven pad wear