On August 1st, 2014 the Sparta Evolution team hosted our second dealer track day down in Rosamond, CA at the Streets of Willow track. The purpose of our dealer track days are to give potential dealers and customers a chance to experience the high performance of our BBKs first hand. When we first developed our brakes, our goal was to create a product that would withstand normal driving conditions along with racing conditions. There is no question that our brakes perform flawless under normal and harsh racing driving conditions, but as we have more inquiries about our brakes, we know people want to know how well they perform under high stress.


By giving drivers a chance to drive on an actual track, they get to see the brakes being pushed to their limits. Co-hosting our track day was Speed District and they invited others to join as well. And with the addition of other cars out on the track, this allowed for real life situations and real life testing. Temperatures out on the track reached the 100s and as the brakes were being pushed by not only us, but by other drivers who drove our Sparta Evolution BBK equipped E46 M3, the braking components reached temperature levels of up to 500°F. Our brakes did not falter though, there was constant braking and though it was a long and grueling day for our brakes, they held up and performed amazingly.


We had drivers from shops like Fast Passion Auto, 9K Racing, MINICORSA, HG Motorsports, Bullet Performance, and others behind the wheel testing the performance of the brakes and there was nothing but praise about them. They spoke about how the brakes were consistent throughout the whole day despite the conditions. We were happy with what they had to say and we made sure that we took in whatever they said into consideration, good or bad. We continuously strive to make our products perform better and better. We’d like to thank everyone who made it out to our track day and Speed District for co-hosting with us. It was a huge success.