Monoblock_2We at Sparta Evolution are dedicated to engineering the best high performance braking components. During SEMA 2015, we debuted an all new monoblock caliper. This new monoblock is one of the most innovative calipers on the market. Aiming to be one of the lightest monoblock calipers available, the overall aesthetics of the caliper have been designed with key concepts in relation to the human body. Strength, support, and stabilization of the human leg stems from the calf muscles which can distinctively be seen in the design elements of the caliper body.



Built on a forged foundation, the Sparta Evolution monoblock utilizes all internal fluid channel piping and titanium piston caps. The titanium piston caps are designed to efficiently isolate and dissipate heat generated by the pads. The Sparta Evolution monoblock was engineered to be 20% lighter than the current Triton 6 piston caliper. Thus, the Sparta Evolution monoblock is designed to be one the most competitive braking calipers on the market.



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