On the weekend of November 15th and 16th, our partners at Achilles Motorsports participated in the first BMWCCA Club Race at Thunderhill Raceway Park’s new 5 mile course, which consisted of their East and West track.

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The weekend was the debut of their newly developed S54 powered #88 BMW E36 race car. Upon learning about their project, we instantly knew that we needed to get our brakes on the car. To stop all that power, we provided them with our six piston 355mm front and four piston 345mm rear kits.

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Needless to say, they were more than satisfied with our product. The installation process was incredibly easy for them and like all of our kits, there were no modifications needed to install our brakes, they fit just like OEM brakes. When we asked them about the performance of the brakes, they told us that, “the performance was certainly on par, [if not] better than most of the big brake kits we have used in the past, [which] include Stoptech, Brembo, PFC, & Rotora.” This was incredibly great news for us as we aim to be the best brake manufacturer out there. Right out the box, our brakes provided great balance for their car and it was responsive.

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Their driver, VJ Mirzayan was confident in our brakes and they were very predictable. With his amazing driving skills and our high performing brakes, VJ swept the competition and won 3 out of the 3 races that weekend. We watched as the other racers try to catch VJ, but he was able to stay in the lead for all of his races. We’re thrilled that we were able to contribute to the successes of the Achilles Motorsports team. Seeing other people believe in our product just as much as we do proves that our brakes are of high quality and they perform outstandingly.