With one race left in the 2014 United States Touring Car Champion season, our dealer and Sparta Evolution sponsored Life’s Good Racing!™ team is in the running for 1st place in overall season points. With a 1st and 2nd place podium finish at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, the team of Karl Chicca and Beau Borders make a jump from 3rd to 2nd place and “The Mario” Lento moves from 2nd to 3rd place. Trailing behind the point leaders by only 35 points, the final race of the season will be crucial for the Chicca/Borders team as they will be battling to take it all at Thunder Hill Raceway on November 15th and 16th. “The Mario” trails them by only 11 points. We’re confident that with the help of our high performing brakes, the Life’s Good Racing!™ team will excel and take the gold for the entire series.


The Life’s Good Racing! team will not be the only ones taking the track at the Thunder Hill Raceway on November 15th and 16th. Achilles Motorsports, another one of our dealers will be debuting their Sparta Evolution BBK equipped #ProjectE36 with a new S54 engine. They will be participating in the BMWCCA Club Racing event. The team at Achilles Motorsports have been working hard to build this project and we’re honored to be a part of the project. With the help of our brakes, we’re confident that the car will be tackling the track without any hesitation.


We’ll be attending the race and doing all we can to assist both teams in their success. Make sure you check out each of their Facebooks and stay up to date with each team! If you’re interested in your own set of Sparta Evolution’s big brake kit, make sure you go check out our website at www.spartaevo.com.