Innovation driven by passion. For us, it’s more than just a saying, it’s a way of life. It goes much further than just making products and running a business, we love cars and we love working with them; and for all of us at Sparta Evolution, we wouldn’t have it any other way, we love what we do.



For this year, we planned a track day at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch at Pahrump, Nevada for our team to wind down after a busy week at SEMA. It was also a chance for many of us to bring out our own cars and drive them around the track. We also made sure to send an invite to many of our dealers and partners, such as Flow Auto Solutions and Technic, Strom Motorsports, Mike Lewis and his track built E90, and Fei-Long Tran and his turbocharged FRS. We also had European Auto Source’s ACS4 on hand, Dennis Lee brought out one of his RWB Porsches, and Strom Motorsports even brought out a pair of 2016 Miata Cups. We entered the gates the morning of the Monday after SEMA and had the entire track to ourselves buzzing with cars for the whole day.



Our track day was more than just an event for us to relax, it was also the perfect opportunity to gather data to aid in developing our newly announced friction compounds. With log books handy, we started off the day by having our cars hit the track at full speed with the pads and rotors they already had on. Once they finished, we got busy taking things apart, replacing each rotor with brand new ones and dropping in our newly developed pads. We made sure to log in detail the dimensions of the new pads we were putting on so we could accurately gauge how they’d wear when put to the test. Each time the cars returned to the pits after romping the track, we logged as much as we could, such as temperature, wear, and driver feedback.



As the sun began to set on Pahrump, we wrapped things up and got the cars together for one big group photo. Our track event was a huge success, blurring the lines between work and play and giving us some time down to not only relax and really enjoy our cars, but also the opportunity to gather invaluable towards the development of our pads.  With the success of this track day, we’re definitely looking forward to holding more similar events in 2017.



A big thanks goes out to partners and drivers for coming out to the event and giving us the means to test, drive, and gather data, and a big thanks also goes out to our very own team here at Sparta Evolution for the work they’ve put in to making both SEMA and our track day a home run.