Formula Drift has been a household name for 10 years. It is a professional drifting competition series  that is comprised of seven rounds that make a nationwide tour that spans from the West to the East coast. Ever since 2006, Formula Drift has been making stops to our home track in Monroe, Evergreen Speedway. In his sophomore year in the series, Sparta Evolution sponsored local driver Chris Jeanneret. To show him our support, we hosted a PreAmp meet the weekend before the big event and invited everyone out, including our friends from The Camp and StanceWars.


We held the meet at Achtuning in Redmond, WA. Overall, the event was a success. Chris’ car was displayed out front for everyone to check out and received great remarks, guests especially had large interests in our brakes on his car. The car was certainly the center of attention for the meet. It also didn’t hurt that Chris did an awesome burnout for everyone to enjoy. Inside of the facility, we had displays of our calipers and rotors for everyone to take a closer look at them. Though the meet had ended for the day, we weren’t going to stop there.


To continue with kicking off Formula Drift Seattle, we wanted to show support to the other drivers and teams so we sponsored Formula Drift’s official pre-party at Lucky Strike in Bellevue, WA the night before the event. It was a chance for all of the drivers and teams to relax and have fun before they had to work hard during the 2-day event. We had a display up during the night and we were getting many inquiries about our brakes. It was a great night of fun and we were really excited for the upcoming days.


On the days of the main event, we were up early and ready to go. We were blown away by the amount of people stopping by and asking about our brakes. On both days, we were very busy talking to everyone and presenting our product. There were a lot of interest in our product and everyone who stopped by loved the quality and overall build of our calipers and rotors; our carbon ceramics rotors blew everyone away.


Though we were busy working at the booth, we were rooting for Chris. Chris was busy working on the track and we were hoping for a successful round, but unfortunately he did not qualify. We knew that even though he did not qualify, this wasn’t going to set him back. He will bounce back, work even harder, and finish strong. This is what we admire about Chris, and as a company, we are the same way.


We’re a relatively new company, but that isn’t going to stop us from competing with other companies to build better performing products. This was our first year having a booth at Formula Drift and it was an amazing experience. We’d like to thank Formula Drift for having us at their event and for the series that they put on. We also like to extend our thanks to Achtuning, Lucky Strike Bellevue, and all of our supporters. They are the reason why we work so hard to develop quality high performing products. For more information about our BBKs, you can visit our site at!