We are excited to announce the expansion of the Sparta Performance Pad (SPP) program, available now in big brake kit and OEM systems for Audi, BMW, MINI and many more applications.

2018 Sparta Evolution Brake Pad Application List

Designed for the spirited driver, the SPP 1.0 compound will handle daily commutes while inspiring confidence on weekend excursions through mountain switchbacks. The SPP 1.0 compound offers the true feel of brake modulation in wet, cold and dry conditions while providing improved performance characteristics over OEM brake pads.

SPP 1.0 Compound Features:
• Increased friction levels and higher fade resistance vs OEM pads for fewer pad changes
• Modulatory pedal feel with a smooth, predictable initial bite
• Enhanced pedal feedback for better control at the limit
• Optimized performance from a durable, low dust compound

Sparta engineers spent countless hours testing the SPP 1.0 compound in the laboratory and on track with professional motorsports teams. The increased working temperatures, initial bite and friction levels make SPP 1.0 pads optimal for performance in street, autocross and high-performance driving school scenarios.
New applications are consistently being added, with a target of over 200 applications available by the end of 2018. Stay tuned to our website, social media and/or newsletter for the latest information.

Sparta Evolution Team

• Low dust
• Low disc wear
• Strong initial bite
• Consistent, predictable brake torque
• Allows modulation in all conditions
• Increased operating range (up to 340°C)
• µ=~0.40-0.43