On December 6th&7th, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance and sanctioned by the National Auto Sport Association returned to Thunderhill Raceway Park in northern California.
Now in its 12th year, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill is considered the longest endurance race in North America. 54 cars entered the 25 Hour and 11 cars entered the E1 class. We are thrilled that Team Sparta Evolution, Maxxis Tire, and Bullet Performance took 1st place in the E1 class and 5th place overall for the race. Collectively, our drivers Robert Green, Mickey Miller, Brett Strom and Ralph Warren covered 612 laps in 24:35:51.421 hours.


The 25 Hour is one of the most demanding events in motorsports. Usually, drivers and crew members battle rain or freezing temperatures in the night. This year, the drivers got a break and the weather was warm. Different levels of driving talent and car speeds make it tough for drivers to maneuver around each other and into the night, the track is not lit, thus adding another level of risk to this race. The 25 Hours of Thunderhill isn’t about man vs. machine, but man and machine working together to overcome the challenge that they face. With the help of the pit crew, they must last the whole race.



This was our first time entering the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, so we teamed up with Bullet Performance out of Costa Mesa. Partnering with Bullet Performance was the clear choice as they’ve participated in this race 11 times and winning the class title 4 times, this year being the 5th. They knew what it took to build a winning race car, especially for a grueling race like this. For the race, Bullet Performance helped us build a BMW 328i race car. For the brakes, we provided our Triton 4 Piston calipers with our 355mm S-Groove Pegasus Rotors for the fronts and 345mm S-Groove Pegasus Rotors for the rear.
This proved to be more than enough to stop the car during the race. Our kits are designed to withstand high heat and stresses of race use. During the 25 hours, our Triton calipers and Pegasus rotors did not falter once. According to our drivers, the performance of our brakes were nothing short of exemplary. There was never a need to bleed our brakes nor were there any seals that cracked, problems that usually occur when brakes are put under stress. In fact, at the end of the race, our rotors were still usable. Aside from the normal wear and tear of race conditions, our rotors did not warp, crack, or be rendered useless. Coming into the race, one of the workers at Bullet was skeptical of our product due to the fact that they always see new products being pushed to them, yet the performance of the products were never up to par with Bullet’s standards. When it came to our brakes, they found that they were easy to install and they performed outstandingly. Simply put, they worked.




We believe in our product and being a relatively new company, we wanted to prove the amazing quality and unmatched performance of our product. We entered this race with high hopes for not only our product, but for our partners as well. With Bullet’s expertise with building BMW’s and with our high performing brakes, we were able to bring home a trophy. If you are interested in a Sparta Evolution BBK for yourself or have any questions, please contact Bullet Performance, one of our premier dealers in the southern California region or contact us directly.

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