The most legendary letter in Motorsport’s history, BMW’s M division has the distinction of creating some of the best performing cars the world has ever seen. Taking the already potent BMW sport sedans and turning them into touring and rally champions is what M does best, and since 1972, that pursuit of the ultimate driving machine persists today.

Starting with the E30 in 1986, the M3 is one of the most successful and prolific M cars ever produced, its performance and good looks not only set the benchmark for other M cars, but for other performance sport sedans around the world.  Today, the M3 sedan and its coupe sibling, the M4, continue the tradition of M by offering blistering performance and unparalleled driver feel in a slick, hi-tech, modern package.

For serious drivers of the M3 or M4 who want to go beyond what BMW offers out of the box, we present our Sparta Evolution Triton big brake kit for the F8x M3 and M4.

While the factory brakes are quite adequate, they definitely show their weakness after some time on the track, through brake fade and extreme pad wear. Our Triton kit addresses these issues to create a set of brakes that not only feel better, but are also able to withstand the conditions of hard track driving.


We start with our lightweight forged aluminum calipers and American-made brake rotors for durability. The calipers are held together by a set of ARP aircraft-grade hardware, an exclusive to Sparta, and feature a clever quick-release pin for fast and speedy pad changes. Our Triton caliper design utilizes a standard FMSI pad shape so pad choices are not restricted.

In addition, our Triton Caliper can be offered in different caliper sizes, ranging from the large 6 vented pistons to the smaller 4 vented pistons for added stopping torque and brake fade resistance.

For added durability, our calipers are also finished in an anodized coating that is not only more durable, but also weighs less than a traditional powder coat.


Also included in our Triton kit is a set of Goodridge brake lines, which in conjunction with the new cooling capability of the rotor and caliper makes for stellar brake feel and highly consistent braking, even under extreme conditions.

Sparta_M3M4_13 Sparta_M3M4_14 Sparta_M3M4_33

Brakes shown on the Black Sapphire M3 are a set of our Sparta Evolution Triton TS260X 6 piston calipers in Machine Silver (Piston sizing: 28/34/36) with 380mm Pegasus rotors (Rotor sizing: 380*34*60) for the Front.

The rears receive our Triton TS240X 4 piston calipers also in Machine Silver (Piston sizing: 30/30) with 380mm Pegasus rotors (Rotor sizing: 380*34*60).

Sparta_M3M4_31 Sparta_M3M4_11

The Austin Yellow M4 features our Stealth Gray Sparta Evolution Triton TS260X 6 piston calipers (Piston sizing: 28/34/36) with 380mm Pegasus rotors (Rotor sizing: 380*34*60) up front.

For the M4’s rear, it receives our Triton TS240X 4 piston calipers (Piston sizing: 30/30) also in Stealth Gray with 380mm Pegasus rotors (Rotor sizing: 380*34*60).



For those who are looking to enhance perfection, our Triton Brake Kits are an excellent addition to the BMW M3 and M4 platforms, allowing you to brake later and corner faster than ever before.